"Well, you did it. You gave us exactly what we asked for --a good, hearty laugh. Everyone left our luncheon with a big smile on their face. You'll be someone the association members will talk about for a long time.
I especially appreciate your interest in the "personality" of the group in preparation for your program. It meant a lot that you took the time to figure out who we were and what we wanted. And, it obviously showed in your presentation.
Please consider us your best reference. It was worth it all to turn around and see the Local Arrangements Chairman with tears of laughter in his eyes. You really hit a home run with him."
Pat T. Miller
Executive Director
Southwestern Fertilizer Conference

"I thought I would drop you a line just to say thank you for your outstanding performance at our recent REGIONAL SUPER CONFERENCE in New Orleans. I have been in phone contact with directors from Arkansas to Florida and everyone is still buzzing about your keynote presentation. I recently attended state meetings in New Mexico and Oklahoma, and the common question was ...didn't you bring Murray with you?
I personally have been in the USSSA 16 years, and this time was the first time at any type of function, that the presenter received a standing ovation. Your presentation kept their attention, while your message was strong and hit home. I would not be surprised if our Executive Director invites you to our next national meeting."
Robert Boudreaux
Executive Vice President
United States Sports Specialty Association

"Thank you for entertaining our members during the May Spring Conference. Our educational sessions were serious, and quite frankly with the negative state budget for our nursing facility patients, the news was quite depressing. We needed to laugh and get a break from the bad news.
I thought I was going to have to call emergency personnel for Sister Michael and Rita Formby. They were laughing so hard. Robert Breaux and Donna Beaubouef had recommended you as a speaker and they had the right prescription."
Lisa Gardner
Public Relations Director
Louisiana Nursing Home Association

Murray, I wanted to thank you again for the great job at our conference.  You are truly a professional, you never missed a beat!  Everyone had a great time and all the comments were extremely positive!  If you want to use me or our organization as a reference, please feel free to do so. 

Thanks again, you're the best..........

Bob Weber

President, Missouri Plant Managers Association

"I want to thank you very much on behalf of the Board of Directors and the LRWA Staff for a fine performance. You didn't let anyone leave the room with a dry eye.
Your performance was extremely funny. I had Executive Directors from other rural water states visiting and they just couldn't believe how funny one man could be. They told me that it was a pleasure hearing someone make them laugh with good clean Cajun jokes. I only hope that more audiences across the country will be able to view and hear for themselves how good you really are."
Pat Credeur
Executive Director
Louisiana Rural Water Association